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Box 6 bottles LOF CS 2019, Syrah 2019 and LOF RUTERO 2019


LOF Cabernet Sauvignon represents well the characteristic notes of the Maipo Valley, currant, blackberry and black pepper are felt, wrapped in aromas of typical herbs of the place. On the palate, it is a fine structured Cabernet Sauvignon with a fresh and young finish.

LOF Syrah is characterized by being a well-structured wine, maintaining freshness and fruity character.
In the mouth, the wine feels spicy and mineral, later passing to notes of Mediterranean herbs, such as rosemary or thyme. Finally the fruity notes emerge in a long and complex finish.

LOF RUTERO 2019 is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah, which seeks a ROUTE with more structure and power, where the barrel aging leaves its mark, a wine of deep color that defies its older brothers LOF Cabernet Sauvignon and LOF Syrah.

Enjoy the best of the 3 strains

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